Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline to RSVP?

The deadline to RSVP is May 16, 2022. RSVP form is available on this website.

Can I bring a 'Plus 1' ?

Unfortunately, due to the small nature of our wedding, only the name(s) included on your invitation are able to attend.

Highway 1 was closed last summer - will it be closed again?

The Kicking Horse Canyon construction project is still ongoing, and some highway closures will proceed this summer.

So far, it's looking like the highway will flow freely until 8pm, with some intermittent stoppages in the evening, and closures overnight.

For up to date info, visit this calendar: 

What will the accommodations look like, and what is included in the $175/person rate?

Guests will be staying in standard hotel rooms with 2 queen beds and a full bathroom. Rooms will be assigned by the bride and groom, and some guests will be asked to share with close family or friends to allow space for everyone to stay onsite. The room list will be provided following the RSVP deadline date.

The $175/person (plus tax) rate includes Saturday brunch, Saturday reception, dinner, & open bar, as well as Sunday brunch. Guests are required to pay for their dinner on Friday (either at the lodge, or along your drive), and a bagged lunch on Saturday should they request one.

When can I book my accommodations with Heather Mountain Lodge??

Once you have received your formal invitation, please follow the booking instructions on the 'Accommodations' page of this website.

If BC removes its vaccination requirement, will you still require proof of vaccination?

We have a number of immunocompromised individuals, grandparents, and children attending our wedding. Therefore, in order for everyone to feels safe and have a good time, the bride and groom still expect all guests to be fully vaccinated regardless of the provincial guidelines at the time of our wedding.

What should I wear?

The bride & groom are excited to get dressed up, and share a special day with everyone. Our wedding is (hopefully) going to be a split between an outdoor ceremony & cocktail hour, and an indoor reception.

Things to consider:
  • The outdoor area is entirely grass, so a pointed heel won't be appropriate. Please consider wearing a block heel, or flat shoes.
  • Heather Mountain Lodge is located at a high mountain elevation, so please factor that into your attire (the weather will feel more like May than June). If you are wearing a dress, we recommend bringing a shawl or sweater, or wearing a sleeved dress for the outdoor portion of the wedding day.

Are the bride & groom registered anywhere for gifts?

A registry page will be made available on this website once formal invitations have been sent.

Is dinner provided on Friday evening?

Due to the varied travel times and estimated arrivals of our guests, Friday dinner is not included in your $175/person (plus tax) room rate. If you would like to request dinner at the lodge on Friday night because you are arriving early and will be onsite during dinner, please request it when you RSVP.

For those that RSVP for dinner, dinner will be in the main lodge at 6pm and cost $24/person. Dinner includes burgers, fries, and condiments.

What should I do once I arrive at the venue on Friday?

When you arrive on Friday evening, please park your vehicle and make your way into the main lodge to register and receive your room keys. Once you have your room keys, feel free to explore the grounds, take some pictures, or hang out in the main lodge with other guests.

Dinner for those who request it on their RSVP will be at 6pm in the main lodge. The lodge will remain open for drinks until 11pm.

If you would like to request a packed lunch for Saturday afternoon, please arrange one at the front desk on Friday evening.

Can I bring my dog to the wedding?

Dogs are welcome at Heather Mountain Lodge for an additional fee on your room rate. The Bride & Groom only ask that if your dog is high needs or requires a lot of attention, that you find alternate arrangements for the weekend. We are excited to spend time with you at our wedding, and would be sad to see folks needing to leave to care for their dogs.

For folks who need to bring their dogs, the Bride & Groom have arranged for two individuals to attend the wedding day to provide basic care for guests' dogs, including short walks, letting dogs out to go to the bathroom, and ensuring dogs have food and water. Please let us know if you intend on bringing your dog to the wedding, and the care they'd require throughout the day.

What is the best way to share photo's taken at the wedding with the bride & groom?

Please upload any photo's taken at the wedding to this folder:

Can I arrive earlier than Friday if I want to explore the park, or get there early?

Yes - guests can arrive early at their own expense. Please arrange with the lodge (early arrivals are subject to availability).