Wedding Party

Chelsea Murray

Maid of Honor

Kristin and Chelsea met in 2012 on a residence ski trip, and the rest was history. Chelsea has been Kristin's confidant, sister, cheerleader, and kind ear.

Chelsea is a Medical Lab Tech at the University of Alberta & Cross Cancer Institute. She is a writer, drummer, creative soul who can be found knitting, camping, hiking, cross country skiing, and listening to all things indie, folk, punk, pop, and more. Frankly, just one of the coolest people Kristin has ever met.

Michaela McNaughton

Maid of Honor

Michaela is Kristin's cousin, but has forever been her sister.

Michaela is a LPN nurse who works with seniors, but her true passions lie in collecting and thrifting vintage everything and sharing her finds with her over 5000 Instagram followers (@vintagegirlfromalberta if you're curious).

Kathryn Foresi


Kathryn is Alex's sister and oldest friend. Kathryn and Alex were always close, and have challenged each other and celebrated each other’s accomplishments throughout their whole lives.

Kathryn works in the autonomous vehicles department at Ford Motors, but her true passions lie in interior design, creative home projects, and crafting. She and her husband Daniel can be most often found enjoying the warmth of Texas in their new home.

Madilynn McNaughton


Madilynn is also Kristin's cousin, and the youngest of the Kristin/Michaela/Madilynn trio.

Madilynn works at a bank, but is more often found snuggled up or enjoying life with her fiancé Daniel and French bulldog Stella. Maddy (or Mads, as Kristin calls her) is funny, beautiful, and wonderfully caring. Another chosen sister, and amazing friend.

Andrew Dominy

Best Man

Alex & Andrew met at the University of Alberta through their shared love of spending all their free time in the Undergraduate Physics Society lounge (even though Andrew was a business student).

These days, their relationship is more closely defined as a love for the finer things in life - a whiskey old fashioned, going for drives in Andrew's newest car, pizza, Dungeons & Dragons, archery, and good conversation.

Rowan Anderson


Rowan and Alex met in high school, and quickly bonded over Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, and a dislike of their grade 11 physics teacher.

Since then Rowan and Alex have remained friends. Often discussing each other's arts and hobbies, supporting each other in stressful times, and enjoying the (more than occasional) bowl of pho.

Most recently, Rowan has become Kristin & Alex's roommate! We look forward to the time we have together with this close friend.

Timothy Davick


Tim is Kristin's brother, but has always been her closest friend and confidant.

Tim is a Lieutenant in the Navy, and is currently stationed and living in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Kristin & Tim have been on many adventures together (ask us about Tim's Royal Military College graduation weekend, and we will probably lie to you), and have relied on each other through all of life's ups & downs.

Bobby Lambert


When Kristin & Alex first started planning their wedding, the first thing they agreed on was having a close friend perform their ceremony instead of an officiant - the first name that came to mind was Bobby.

Bobby & Kristin met in 2015 while working together at Mount Royal University, and were shortly joined by his now wife, Laura. Bobby & Laura were the first ears to hear of Kristin's growing crush on Alex, and were privy to a budding romance that was kept secret for a long while.

We can't wait to have one of our closest friends, and Calgary family members, pronounce us 'Man & Wife'

Taryn Knorren

Master of Ceremony

Taryn & Alex went to high school together, but Kristin stole her away as her own. Taryn is one of Kristin & Alex's closest friends, climbing, and adventure buddies.

Taryn is a grade 6 teacher, outdoor enthusiast, mother of border collies, and incredibly kind individual. We are so excited to have her host our party, and be a part of our special day.